Think building?
Think inBuild + Procore

inBuild + Procore makes for a game-changing combination. Process invoices automatically while retaining the power of prime contracts, vendor commitments, and custom draw exports.

inBuild + Procore

A Partnership That Builds Success Beyond Blueprints

Automatic File Processing

Import invoices from your email automatically and watch as the artificial intelligence of inBuild extracts key details: project, vendor, invoice number, and more. Eliminate tedious manual data entry.

Approval Process

Get documents for review, coding, and approval from the financial controller. Only deal with documents relevant to your active projects and keep your mind on track, no more dealing with misfiled or misdirected invoices.

Mobile App

No more missed receipts or paper documents. Use the inBuild mobile app to snap a picture of any document and have it sent straight to your financial controller.

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Prime Contracts

Empower your clients by providing visibility into prime contracts. They can easily review their pay app and budget status at a glance.

Vendor Commitments

Sit back and allow your subcontractors to enter their invoices against approved commitments. Then simply review the invoice within inBuild's inbox.

Change Orders

Create change orders effortlessly with inBuild and tie them directly into plan sets and RFIs in Procore. Keep your team on the same page and your project on track.

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What is inBuild?

inBuild is a powerful web-based application that makes invoice processing effortless. Our use of artificial intelligence streamlines the entire process, from invoice capture, to budget management, and pay application export. With inBuild, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated document processing.

Bookkeepers and financial controllers will love inBuild. By removing the mountain of manual data entry, they can focus on the bigger picture and help grow your business. With improved financial health, your employees, owners, and even the banks will love working with you.

inBuild's inbox is easy to navigate

Get the inBuild Mobile App

Submit physical documents using your camera, review invoices, and send for approval.

Now available on the App Store and Google Play

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