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Think inBuild + Procore

inBuild + Procore makes for a game-changing combination. Process invoices automatically while retaining the power of prime contracts, vendor commitments, and approval workflows.

Better Together

Streamline direct costs, invoice processing, and financial reporting. inBuild connects Procore and your ERP to reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and provide customizable reports. Focus more on project execution and less on administrative tasks.

Capture Everything

A central hub for project financials, automatically import payable documents from a connected email inbox, mobile app, and Procore while keeping your existing workflows. Consolidate all financial transactions and view every projects finances in one location.

Syncing Your Data With inBuild and Procore
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Commitments (Purchase Orders)Financial
Commitments (Subcontracts)Financial
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Change Orders
Subcontracts Change OrdersFinancial
Subcontract InvoicesInvoicing
Subcontract PaymentsInvoicing
Pay Apps
Owner InvoicesInvoicing
Time Tracking

Sync More With Procore

Connect, Centralize and Save Time

Procore + DocuSign

Automate the process of sending lien waivers with DocuSign and have them stored in Procore.

Procore + QuickBooks Desktop

Automate direct cost processing, streamline invoicing, and gain real-time financial insights to drive project success.

Procore + QuickBooks Online

Managing invoices, direct costs, or payables? Ensures that your financial data flows smoothly between your accounting system and project management tools.

Procore + Sage 100 Contractor

Seamlessly sync project data between Procore and Sage 100 Contractor.

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“I will always be the biggest fan of inBuild because of the syncing with Procore. Our systems actually match for the first time in the company’s six years. It’s great to see.”

Emily Phillips, Cornerstone Commercial Services

You often hear 'under promise and over deliver'. I don't believe that is the business model of inBuild, but they continually over deliver. When was the last time you heard 'we don't currently offer that, but are working on it and should have that live soon' or 'we like that idea, mind if we incorporate that?' When was the last time you got excited about computer software for accounting? Both of these happen regularly thanks to inBuild!

Joey Zikor, Finbro Construction

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Trusted Partner of Procore

inBuild is a trusted partner of Procore, the world's leading construction management platform. Combine the ease of automated invoice processing with the power of Procore's financial tools. Visit the Procore Marketplace to learn more about our integration.

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