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inBuild + Procore makes for a game-changing combination. Process invoices automatically while retaining the power of prime contracts, vendor commitments, and custom draw exports.

inBuild + Procore

inBuild is a Proud Partner of Procore

inBuild is a proud partner of Procore, the world's leading construction management platform. Combine the ease of automated invoice processing with the power of Procore's financial tools. Visit the Procore Marketplace to learn more about our integration.

Screenshot of inBuild's listing on the Procore marketplace.

A Partnership That Builds Success Beyond Blueprints

Automatic Document Processing

Documents are automatically uploaded and processed from your email. Sit back and relax while we take down the key details for you.

Review and Approval

Send documents to other users for review and approval. PMs need only be concerned with documents relevant to their projects.

Mobile App

Use the mobile app to snap a picture of any document. Upload from anywhere and it will be processed when you're back in the office.

Artistic representation of inBuild's invoicing features: automatic document processing, job cost tracking, and pay application creation.

Prime Contracts

Empower your clients by providing visibility into prime contracts. They can easily review their pay app and budget status at a glance.

Vendor Commitments

Sit back and allow your subcontractors to enter their invoices against approved commitments. Then simply review the invoice within inBuild's inbox.

Change Orders

Create change orders effortlessly with inBuild and tie them directly into plan sets and RFIs in Procore. Keep your team on the same page and your project on track.

Image denotes how inBuild and Procore sync: sharing invoices, contracts, change orders, pay applications, and budgets.

What is inBuild?

inBuild is a powerful web-based application that makes invoice processing effortless. Our use of artificial intelligence streamlines the entire process, from invoice capture, to budget management, and pay application export. With inBuild, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated document processing.

Bookkeepers and financial controllers will love inBuild. By removing the mountain of manual data entry, they can focus on the bigger picture and help grow your business. With improved financial health, your employees, owners, and even the banks will love working with you.

Jake Walsh and family of JT Builders

My construction company was spending a minimum of 16 hours a month on managing our project's finances... That is until we fully integrated inBuild AI into our systems. We have cut that time burden to less than 4 hours a month with no inaccuracies! The AI component is absolutely incredible at saving us time and potential errors. Try inBuild! Do it... seriously do it!

Jake Walsh, JT Builders

You often hear 'under promise and over deliver'. I don't believe that is the business model of inBuild, but they continually over deliver. When was the last time you heard 'we don't currently offer that, but are working on it and should have that live soon' or 'we like that idea, mind if we incorporate that?' When was the last time you got excited about computer software for accounting? Both of these happen regularly thanks to inBuild!

Joey Zikor, Finbro Construction

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