inBuild is Optimized for
Each Stage of your AP Processing.

All your invoice and accounts payable documentation processing in one place: Inbox, invoices, approvals, projects, & more. For many important accounting capabilities.


Say sayonara to the mind-numbing headache of manually entering, tracking, and approving an endless flow of construction documents.

AI enhanced AP document processing

Your New Inbox


Our proprietary AI streamlines your accounts payable workflow by capturing all incoming documents and their associated data– then prepares them for effortless review and processing.


The inbox is your “homepage.” This is where all your accounts payable documents are initially populated after being processed internally with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. All relevant information is captured by AI and loaded into the workflow where it can be quickly reviewed and assigned.

More Accurate

Documents are automatically assigned to corresponding managers and projects for review. Assigned reviewers are able to approve and dispute with just clicks of the mouse, as well as add any additional necessary information and notes that are pertinent to company workflow for increased transparency.

inBuild's inbox is easy to navigate
inBuild's inbox is easy to navigate

When reviewed and approved through inBuild, documents are automatically populated in each of your associated projects, budgets, and pay applications.

The accounts payable documents seamlessly move through the stages of processing with only the strictly necessary human input. All your typical and customary manual data entry is handled by our AI digital assistant.

Easy Approvals

Team members have easy access to review documents from their mobile devices – whether on the job site, at their desk, or on-the-go.

Construction Accounts Payable Made Effortless

Approvals workflow with simple tracking of lifecycle
Approvals workflow with simple tracking of lifecycle

Instant Approvals

Frustration Free

Eliminate the constant game of phone tag between management and accounting with approvals tracking – while simultaneously maintaining ultimate control over company documents and permissions.

At a Glance

See each individual invoice status as approved or pending. No more hassling team members to update or track down missing invoices.


Send invoice disputes directly within the application. No need to waste time logging out and emailing from a separate application. Plus, all invoice tracking, editing, and history is auto-logged and easily reviewable at any point in time.

inBuild Produces Results

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Accounts Payable

Take the monotonous and time-consuming tasks of Accounts Payable off your hands so you can focus on your business.

Streamline AP workflows across the business

Accounts Payable Made Simple

Work Smarter

Leverage machine learning to continually optimize your unique Accounts Payable workflow with increasing accuracy with every invoice.

Get Specific

Drill down to the details within your individual subcontractors and vendors to find specific invoices with ease.


Open a particular project and view every invoice that’s been associated with it, or get more granular and specify a billing cycle, invoice statuses (i.e. unassigned, approved, pending, disputed, paid and unpaid).


Step back and broadly view every single invoice submitted to your company and filter by individual or multiple filters to identify any invoice you're searching for.

The invoice center makes money management easier
The invoice center makes money management easier


Our AI automates cataloging and filing, keeping your business system and documents organized in one centralized location.

Instantly access project data when necessary

Sort assets by project for better organization
Sort assets by project for better organization

Projects Kept Organized

Eagle Eyed

See each of your projects from a 10,000ft view – objectively analyze all the broad data points with automated budgets, contracts, and pay applications. Then zoom into the project’s details to recognize and understand where you stand in workflow and billing cycles.

Got Your Back

Expand on cost divisions to track automatically loaded invoices and compare against contracted amounts to make sure you aren't being over-billed.

Budgets, contracts, and pay apps, all easily viewed and accessible
Budgets, contracts, and pay apps, all easily viewed and accessible

Every Step

Follow contract life cycles, edit contracts, and add new contracts that preload into an associated project's budget.


Effortlessly watch as a project’s pay application is generated automatically as invoices are added to billing cycles and loaded into the budget. Export fully custom pay applications with just a few mouse clicks. Add invoices at the last minute without any hassle or “reworking.”

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Submit physical documents using your camera, review invoices, and send for approval.

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