inBuild is Optimized for

Each Stage of the Accounts Payable Process

All your invoice and accounts payable documentation processing in one place: Inbox, invoices, approvals, projects, & more. For many important accounting capabilities.

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Say sayonara to the mind-numbing headache of manually entering, tracking, and approving an endless flow of construction documents.

AI enhanced AP document processing

What is inBuild?

inBuild is a powerful web-based application that makes invoice processing effortless. Our use of artificial intelligence streamlines the entire process, from invoice capture, to budget management, and pay application export. With inBuild, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated document processing.

Bookkeepers and financial controllers will love inBuild. By removing the mountain of manual data entry, they can focus on the bigger picture and help grow your business. With improved financial health, your employees, owners, and even the banks will love working with you.

Easy Approvals

Team members have easy access to review documents from their mobile devices – whether on the job site, at their desk, or on-the-go.

Construction Accounts Payable Made Effortless

Your New inBox

inBuild offers a seamless, paperless experience with your own electronic inBox for receiving and managing invoices. Our application automatically captures invoices through an email connection, freeing you from the burden of manually inputting data and eliminating piles of paper.

Subcontractors still not sending electronic invoices? We've got you covered. Upload any document created through traditional scanning methods, or use our mobile app to snap a picture of your invoice or receipt for quick processing. Our artificial intelligence has the ability to read handwriting and novel text, so no worries about that one plumber that writes in chicken scratch!

Electronic Filing Cabinet

inBuild is more than just an invoice processing tool - it's also a powerful electronic filing cabinet. You can easily search and retrieve past invoices, making it a breeze to stay organized and audit-proof your business.

Bring your project financials clearly into view

Live Project Financials

inBuild isn't just about processing invoices - it also helps you manage your project financials. Once an invoice is approved, its costs and details are used to affect live project budgets. With a balance to finish that is always up-to-date cost overruns are a thing of the past.

With the ability to export a pay application in a single click, never fear the mad rush at the end of the month. Customized exports mean that the owner and the banks will love working with you. While the stress of the draw is a thing of the past.

All of the Integrations You’ll Ever Need

We know you have other financial needs, which is why inBuild is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of other solutions.

The perfect addition to your existing financial workflow

Get the inBuild Mobile App

Submit physical documents using your camera, review invoices, and send for approval.

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