Seamlessly Integrate Procore & QuickBooks Online

Streamline your process and make it easier than ever to keep your project financials across all platforms synchronized and up-to-date. When managing invoices, direct or contract, our integration ensures that your data flows smoothly between your final accounting system and project management tool.

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Syncing Your Data With QuickBooks Online and Procore
Chart of Accounts
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Product & Services
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Credit Card Charges
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Bill / Vendor Credits
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Purchase Orders
Commitments (Purchase Orders)Financial
Purchase Orders
Commitments (Subcontracts)Financial
Purchase Order Line Items
Change Orders
Subcontracts Change OrdersFinancial
Bill Payments
Subcontract PaymentsInvoicing
Bill / Vendor Credits
Subcontract InvoicesInvoicing
Pay Apps
Owner InvoicesInvoicing
Time Activity
Time Tracking

Key Features

  • Automated Data Sync: Real-time synchronization of your financial data between Procore and QuickBooks Online, eliminating double data entry and reducing errors.
  • Direct Cost Tracking: Automatically capture and process direct costs with inBuild, seamlessly pushing them to Procore and QuickBooks Online for accurate financial reporting.
  • Enhanced Invoice Processing: Connect your email to automatically import, process, and sync invoices and receipts, maintaining all your existing workflows.
  • Customizable Financial Reports: Generate detailed financial reports with customizable formats, including cost codes, vendor details, and project statuses, all stamped with approval details.
  • Mobile Management: Utilize the inBuild mobile app to scan and track receipts on the go, ensuring no expense is overlooked.

How It Works

  • Connect: Easily link your Procore and QuickBooks Online accounts through inBuild’s intuitive integration interface.
  • Configure: Set up your specific data syncing preferences, controlling how information is shared between Procore and QuickBooks Online.
  • Sync: Automatically sync between the platforms once documents are reviewed and approved.


  • Efficiency: Reduce the time spent on manual data entry and increase accuracy in your financial management.
  • Visibility: Gain real-time insights into project financials, improving decision-making and financial planning.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your financial management processes as your business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for using this integration?

You'll need active accounts with Procore, inBuild, and QuickBooks Online. Ensure you have administrative access to configure the integration settings.

Can I control which types of data are synced between the platforms?

Yes, with the help of our support team you can specify what kinds of data you would like to sync, making sure all of your documents are going to the right place. You can also specify when to sync or manually approve each sync action if you prefer full control.

How does the integration ensure the security of my financial data?

We use advanced encryption and secure server protocols to ensure that all data transferred between Procore, inBuild, and QuickBooks Online is protected against unauthorized access.

Who can I contact if I need help with the integration?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Contact us via

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Connect your DocuSign account to manage contracts, automate lien waivers, and track signatures.


Sync with Procore to finalize invoice processing and tie in with project management tools.

QuickBooks Desktop

Sync with QuickBooks Desktop to reconcile your bills & invoices.

Sage 100

Sync with Sage 100 to reconcile your bills & invoices.

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