Connect Outlook: Digitize Your Accounts Payable Inbox

Automatically upload your documents to inBuild. Have the documents sent to your Outlook inbox, and they appear in the app. It’s basically magic.

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Tired of manually handling and processing construction accounts payable documents in your email? Say goodbye to the mountain of manual data entry and hello to automated document processing with inBuild. Our powerful web-based application, powered by artificial intelligence, now integrates with Outlook to streamline your invoice processing and budget management even more efficiently.

Why Choose the Outlook Integration for inBuild?

By leveraging the ease and ubiquity of Outlook, inBuild's integration allows you to automatically upload and process common construction accounts payable documents directly from your email. No more downloading attachments and managing them manually - documents are extracted and processed by our advanced AI technology, ensuring a seamless and effortless workflow for your financial team.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Automatically process documents from your email without any manual intervention
  • No need to use folders or manually manage documents - everything is handled by our AI-driven software
  • 24/7 processing means that your documents are synced and managed around the clock
  • See what has been synced and processed with just a glance

Easy Installation and Seamless Integration with Outlook

Setting up the integration between inBuild and Outlook is as simple as following these step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Email Forwarding  
  2. Click on the Connect button to begin the OAuth 2.0 authorization process  
  3. This will securely connect your Outlook inbox with inBuild, enabling seamless document processing

Outshine the Competition with inBuild's Outlook Integration

With the Outlook integration and advanced artificial intelligence, your bookkeepers and financial controllers can tackle the bigger picture and contribute to your business's growth. Improve your financial health and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined construction invoice management process. Discover what inBuild can do for you, and stay ahead of the competition with this game-changing integration.

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