Effortlessly Sync Procore & QuickBooks Desktop

Empower your construction financial management by getting Procore and QuickBooks Desktop to work together. Automate direct cost processing, streamline invoicing, and gain real-time financial insights to drive project success.

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Syncing Your Data With QuickBooks Desktop and Procore
Chart of Accounts
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Service Items
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Credit Card Charges
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Bill / Vendor Credits
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Purchase Orders
Commitments (Purchase Orders)Financial
Purchase Orders
Commitments (Subcontracts)Financial
Purchase Order Line Items
Change Orders
Subcontracts Change OrdersFinancial
Bill Payments
Subcontract PaymentsInvoicing
Bill / Vendor Credits
Subcontract InvoicesInvoicing
Pay Apps
Owner InvoicesInvoicing
Time Tracking

Key Features

  • Automated Cost Processing: Automatically process, approve, and sync direct and contract costs to Procore and QuickBooks Desktop simultaneously, eliminating double entry.
  • Efficient Invoicing: Connect your accounting email to import and process bills while maintaining existing workflows. A unified hub for all payables, accessible from any device.
  • Customizable Reports: Export reports with customizable order based on cost code, vendor, project, and more. Stamp processed invoices for detailed client communication.
  • Customizable Workflows: Configure the ideal workflow and control when and where your financial data syncs.
  • Easy Reconciling: Submit credit card charges in the field using the inBuild mobile app so no expense is ever lost.

How It Works

  1. Upload and Extract: inBuild automatically uploads invoice documents from connected email inboxes, the mobile app, and Procore. A digital assistant automates data entry meaning you only have to review and approve.
  2. Approve and Sync: Upon approval of costs, inBuild synchronizes payables with Procore and QuickBooks Desktop, refreshing project budgets in real-time and enhancing financial oversight.
  3. Store and Retrieve: inBuild securely stores all processed documentation for easy access. Export fully customizable reports with stamped invoices for transparent project financials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my data?

We use advanced encryption and secure server protocols to ensure that all data transferred between Procore, inBuild, and QuickBooks Desktop is protected against unauthorized access.

Can the integration workflow be customized?

Yes, inBuild offers customizable workflows, allowing you to tailor the integration process to your team. Whether it's controlling the data sync process or managing attachments, you have the flexibility to adjust settings as needed.

What Is the QuickBooks Web Connector, and How Does it Work?

The QuickBooks Web Connector is a tool provided by QuickBooks that allows third-party applications like inBuild to communicate with QuickBooks Desktop. It facilitates the seamless exchange of data between inBuild and QuickBooks Desktop, ensuring efficient integration.

How Do I Get Started with the Integration?

To get started, simply schedule a demo with our team to explore how inBuild can streamline your accounts payable process. We'll guide you through the setup process and help you integrate Procore, inBuild, and QuickBooks Desktop to optimize your construction financial management.

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Sync with Procore to finalize invoice processing and tie in with project management tools.

QuickBooks Desktop

Sync with QuickBooks Desktop to reconcile your bills & invoices.

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Sync with Sage 100 to reconcile your bills & invoices.

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