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inBuild can save you time and money.But just how much?

How many subcontractor invoices do you process per month?

How long does an individual subcontractor invoice take to process?

How many pay applications do you process per month?

How long does an individual pay application take to process?

What is your average employee salary?

inBuild could save you$22.7kand800employee hoursevery year

Calculated Using the Following Formula

Annual Time Spent (Hours) = ((Invoice Count x (Invoice Time / 60)) + (Pay App Count x Pay App Time)) x 12

Annual Cost = Annual Time Spent x (Average Employee Salary / 2080)

The ideal virtual assistant

Say goodbye to manually entering, tracking and approving an endless flow of invoices. Our software streamlines your AP workflow by capturing all incoming invoices and preparing them for processing.

A user's inbox on the inBuild app

Effortlessly track approvals

Eliminate the tedious parts of approvals while maintaining ultimate control over permissions. Team members have easy access to review documents from their mobile device whether on the job site, at their desk or on-the-go.

The application approval workflow

Streamline AP workflows

Take the tedious and time-consuming tasks of AP off your hands so you can focus on the business. Leverage machine learning to continually optimize your unique AP workflow with increasingly more accuracy with every invoice.

Accounts payable workflow with schedule of values and an invoice list

Instantly access project data

Gain an analytical outlook on each project, with budgets, contracts, pay apps and more. Automated cataloging and filing systems keep your documents organized in one centralized location.

Budget details for the user's project

The cloud-based app enables access to invoices from anywhere.

Invoices being accessed on the inBuild application

Fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your business.

A unique invoice being displayed within the application

Integrations with your existing ERP accounting software.

An export being prepared with Sage ERP. Also supports Procore and Quickbooks

Revolutionizing the Construction Accounts Payable Process

Our accounts payable solution will save your team countless hours on manual data entry, streamline your accounting processes, and enable you to grow your business faster.

An Investment that Pays

inBuild Produces Results

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Speed up your billing cycle

inBuild leverages smart technology to automate and streamline the accounts payable process. The result? Significant time savings, increased accuracy and happier team members freed up to focus on other parts of the business.

Billing cycle search with billing period, invoice number, and invoice date
Details regarding work completed by the platform AI

Enhance your transparency

Our software is designed to provide visibility for pertinent company data and facilitate communication across the organization. By centralizing and automating data collection, team members are able to maintain alignment and access to the information they need, when they need it.

Keep your existing software

Our integrations enable you to keep your workflows while drastically decreasing the amount of manual work that actually needs to be done. Whether that be Quickbooks, Sage or another program.

inBuild's integration tree: Sage 100, Procore, Quickbooks, Excel, and CSV
Features currently supported: Reviews, cost codes, filters, budget, vendors, projects, filing, pay apps, contracts, owner invoices

Built for your entire team

Document review

The real-time approval app gets invoices and documents in front of team members at the job site.

Project details

Gain visibility into project specifics such as budget lines and periods, contracts and pay apps.

Minimize risk

Improve collaboration, reduce time spent searching for documents, and minimize risk of misfiling.

Profile of worker making a phone call on a construction job site

Pay app creation

Compile monthly pay applications in a fraction of the time while gaining full transparency into the progress of the project.

Job cost tracking

Set schedule of values for contracts and budgets using company costs codes then associate invoice line items.

Cash flow management

Populate owner invoice with every subcontractor bill recieved within the current billing period with a single click.

A hard hat wearing woman drawing on a line graph

Key Advantages

Maintain authority

We take care of the tedious parts of accounts payable while you maintain ultimate control over permissions, invoice reviews and final approvals.

Anywhere access

Our cloud-based approval app facilitates the review and approval of invoices from anywhere.


The platform is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. We work hand-in-hand with your team to configure the optimal inBuild set-up for you.

Budget, revenue, and pay application graph visual representations
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Personalized Onboarding

We are committed to providing a seamless onboarding and exceptional ongoing customer service and support.

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