Streamline Lien Waiver Management

Simplify the process of sending and tracking lien waivers from Procore. From customizable status management to bulk sending capabilities, save time in managing project documentation.

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  • Lien Waiver Management: inBuild simplifies the process of sending and tracking lien waivers within Procore, enhancing project documentation efficiency.
  • Status Customization: Users can personalize statuses like unconditional for paid invoices in inBuild to organize and manage lien waiver sending.
  • Bulk Sending Capability: inBuild allows users to send lien waivers for multiple invoices in bulk, streamlining the workflow and saving time.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Apart from Procore, users can also attach lien waivers to subcontractor invoices using the direct cost tool in inBuild for thorough project documentation.

Send DocuSign Lien Waivers and Track Them in Procore

This demonstration walks us through the seamless process of sending lien waivers through inBuild and tracking them within Procore. Beginning with connecting your DocuSign account to utilize inBuild's lien waiver feature, users can set up custom templates like unconditional waivers and releases.

Use sorting filters to find the invoices or payments you want to send for signature, or set up rule-based auto-sending. By selecting and exporting the invoices to be sent for lien waivers, vendors can easily review and sign the waiver electronically. Once signed, the lien waivers are attached to the corresponding invoices in inBuild, as well as within their Procore account in the Documents toon within a Lien Waivers folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have multiple templates to send different types of Lien Waivers?

Yes, you can configure as many templates as you like, each with different lien waiver forms. These can be based on status, invoice stage or payment type.

How are the signed lien waivers synced and tracked within Procore?

Once the contractor signs the lien waiver, it is automatically attached to the corresponding invoice in inBuild. Users can then view and track these lien waivers within the synced Procore account under documents or lien waivers.

Is it possible to send lien waivers in bulk using InBuild?

Yes, users have the option to select and send multiple invoices for lien waivers in bulk through InBuild, improving efficiency in managing lien waiver processes.

Can users store and manage lien waivers beyond Procore documents in InBuild?

Apart from tracking in Procore, users can also attach lien waivers to subcontractor invoices within the direct cost tool in InBuild for additional documentation and comprehensive management of project-related documents.

Do you need your own DocuSign account to use this feature?

Yes, you need your own DocuSign account and will be required to connect before using the Lien Waiver feature.

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Connect your DocuSign account to manage contracts, automate lien waivers, and track signatures.


Sync with Procore to finalize invoice processing and tie in with project management tools.

QuickBooks Desktop

Sync with QuickBooks Desktop to reconcile your bills & invoices.

Sage 100

Sync with Sage 100 to reconcile your bills & invoices.

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