Increase Financial Visibility To Thrive in a Recession

Zack Beveridge
November 16, 2022
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An economic recession is one of the most critical times for any industry, with very little wiggle room for the survival of a company. The construction industry is especially at risk due to its unique operational costs. For any construction company, the objective during the recession is to minimize expenses while keeping a strong check on profitability and balance of payments. This helps ensure that the company stays afloat during the shrinking economy with financial security. Any loss of time, money, and effort can be devastating for the survival of a construction company. During these times, smart decisions ensure survival.

One course of action is to automate the tiresome manual processes of bookkeeping and accounts management. It helps to streamline a company’s accounting processes, saving crucial time and effort, and enabling businesses to be more resilient toward recession. This helps reduce the cost of manual data entry and bookkeeping and helps save time.

In this blog, we will look at the benefits general contractors can find through automated financial software such as inBuild.

Benefits for General Contractors and Custom Home Builders

Saves Time

The conventional method of account processing requires manual data entry and calculations. This involves summing up labor costs, payables, and comparing receivable payments. This requires human effort and consumes a considerable amount of time throughout a given project.

Having an AI tool, like inBuild, will help keep track of accounts in a much more efficient manner. Shifting from manual data entry to cloud-based data storage, alongside the ease of usability of a software tool makes the entire process considerably shorter. It makes an excellent virtual assistant with customization and personalization available as per the needs of the business. Hence, inBuild is an amazing tool for businesses to become more efficient and save time.

Saves Money

Traditional accounting in the construction industry consumes considerable time and human effort. By automating manual processes, a company can better allocate its resources. This can help reduce overall costs and save money. Through automation tools such as inBuild, general contractors can manage their accounts quicker, more efficiently, and with minimal effort. This reduces overhead costs and allows businesses to focus on their goals.

Financial Visibility

Another important feature of tools such as inBuild is financial visibility. By digitizing a company’s accounts in the cloud the credit, debt, current business operations, and costs are visible. inBuild tracks projects, their costs, payables, and utilizes an approvals workflow. As a result, companies can better keep track of their financial condition and evaluate their future business operations accordingly. inBuild is a crucial tool to have for the construction industry in tough economic conditions.

If you find yourself worrying about looming economic trends, we urge you to get in touch. With competitive pricing and a 60-day trial, inBuild is completely risk-free for your business. Schedule a demo and see how we can get you experiencing the benefits in no time.