inBuild Can Track Your Payroll Too With Procore Timecard

Sync your timesheet data and track payroll spending in your project budgets.

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How Does It Work?

Connect Procore Timecard

Navigate to the Integrations tab, where you will be able to see all of the Apps that we currently integrate with. Once here, select Procore Timecard and then click the connect button. Follow the steps of logging in to the App and you are ready to start exporting data.

Sync With Procore Timecard

Use the power of filtering your search by selecting specific cost codes, team members, projects, and date ranges. This will allow you to pull in the exact payroll data from your team members' entries in Procore Timecard. The entries will populate in the table below the search bar. Each team member can have a different billing rate for each project. This can be changed by simply clicking on the rate and entering the new rate. Rates will save to optimize time when syncing your next payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Procore Timecard?

Procore Timecard gives you employee time tracking in a customized context—the ability to enter timecard data for those employees who have previously been added as contacts in Procore's Company level Directory tool. With configurable timecard entry fields, Procore's construction Timecard app allows data to be saved in the standard Procore format, or in a format that is compatible with inBuild.

How Does the Procore Timecard Integration Use My Information?

To integrate with Procore, each user will need to authenticate their account through the Procore login flow. This is accomplished using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Because of this, inBuild does not need to store or transmit user account names or passwords but instead relies on granted application credentials. These credentials are used as part of an authorization step in which the user chooses to allow (or deny) our application access to their Procore data. Access granted to our application may be revoked at any point by the end user. The result is a more secure connection for Procore users and peace of mind that your data is safe.

How Do I Get Started?

Consider requesting a live demo with one of our team members to see if inBuild is the accounts payable solution you have been looking for. We can decide on the right integrations for you and have you set up in no time at all.

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