Automatically Sync Procore & Sage 100 Contractor

Seamlessly sync project data between Procore and Sage 100 Contractor with inBuild. Enjoy real-time updates, customizable workflows, and automated data handling for enhanced project management.

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Syncing Your Data With Sage 100 Contractor and Procore
Phases, Cost Codes, Cost Types
Cost Codes
Work Breakdown StructureCore
Credit Card Receipts
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
AP Invoices
Direct Cost InvoicesFinancial
Purchase Orders
Commitments (Purchase Orders)Financial
Commitments (Subcontracts)Financial
Change Orders
Change Orders
Subcontracts Change OrdersFinancial
Vendor Payments
Subcontract PaymentsInvoicing
AP Invoices
Subcontract InvoicesInvoicing
AR Invoices
Pay Apps
Owner InvoicesInvoicing
Progress Billing
Pay Apps
Owner InvoicesInvoicing
Time Entries
Time Tracking


  • Data Syncing: inBuild automates the seamless transfer of project data between Procore and Sage 100.
  • Real-time Updates: Changes made in Procore are instantly reflected in Sage 100 through inBuild, ensuring up-to-date information.
  • Multiple Company Files: inBuild supports syncing with multiple Sage 100 company files for different projects, streamlining data management.
  • Customizable Workflows: Users can configure workflow settings to control the data sync process and manage attachments as per their requirements.
  • Automated Data Handling: inBuild facilitates automatic syncing of attachments and project information between Procore and Sage 100, reducing manual efforts.

Syncing Subcontracts from Procore to Sage 100

In this tutorial, we've showcased how to effortlessly sync a subcontract commitment from Procore to Sage 100 Contractor using inBuild. The process begins by establishing a new subcontract agreement in Procore. Once approved, the contract instantly appears in inBuild, complete with all details, attachments, and specific SOV line items.

The auto-sync feature then seamlessly transfers the information to Sage 100's project management subcontracts tool, facilitating the easy monitoring of subsequent invoices. This automated system leverages the best of both worlds using Procore and Sage 100, significantly improving project management effectiveness.

Syncing Subcontract Invoices from Procore to Sage 100

In this tutorial, we illustrate how inBuild provides a seamless method for connecting Procore with Sage 100 Contractor, streamlining the entry and management of subcontractor invoices. By entering an invoice into Procore, users can leverage the software's workflow tool to review and approve invoices, which are then automatically synced with Sage 100 Contractor. This integration not only simplifies the management of subcontractor invoices but also ensures that all data remains consistent and updated across both platforms, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the inBuild connector work to sync data between Procore and Sage?

inBuild uses webhooks to automatically sync data between Procore and inBuild when actions occur in Procore, like creating a contract. Data can then be automatically synced from inBuild to Sage every 5 minutes. inBuild acts as the middleware to connect the two systems.

Can you send over attachments from Procore through inBuild to Sage?

Yes, inBuild can send over attachments like invoices and documents from Procore to Sage, providing a download link in Sage to view/download them. This is a key differentiator from Procore's own connectors.

Can you customize the mappings between Procore and Sage?

Yes, inBuild can customize the integration mappings between Procore and Sage based on customer requirements, though additional costs may apply for more complex customizations.

Can you enter costs in Sage and sync to Procore?

inBuild hasn't set this up before, but believes it's possible to enter costs in Sage and sync them over to Procore. They would need to validate feasibility with engineering.

Can you sync data between multiple Sage 100 company files and Procore?

inBuild supports syncing with multiple Sage 100 company files for different Procore projects.

Can you sync budget data from Procore to Sage?

Yes, customers typically build budgets in Procore's estimating tool, convert them to Procore budgets, and inBuild syncs them over to Sage.

How detailed can you get with work breakdown structure syncing?

inBuild can sync over phases and as many tiers/custom cost types as exist in Sage, but new cost types would need to be created in both systems. inBuild creates the mapping between them.

What's on the inBuild product roadmap?

Upcoming capabilities include better prime contract syncing, syncing payments back to Procore, integrations with Viewpoint and Raken, and automated COI tracking.

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Connect your DocuSign account to manage contracts, automate lien waivers, and track signatures.


Sync with Procore to finalize invoice processing and tie in with project management tools.

QuickBooks Desktop

Sync with QuickBooks Desktop to reconcile your bills & invoices.

Sage 100

Sync with Sage 100 to reconcile your bills & invoices.

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