Our Target Market

Zack Beveridge
February 16, 2022
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As we’ve discussed, inBuild is a software that is designed to automate the accounts payable process for general contractors. At this point, you might be wondering who exactly our target market is. There are many potential users and or buyers that can benefit from inBuild. I mean, who wouldn’t want to cut down on time and cost by 92%?

Generally speaking, our target audience is general contractors as the invoicing process directly impacts their day-to-day operations to ensure the project runs both on time and on budget. Now, let’s take a more detailed look.

Who else could benefit from inBuild outside of general contractors? Great question! Firstly, the incoming and outgoing invoices are closely monitored by the financial controller or bookkeeper, which we covered in our first blog post. Their role is to make sure all accounting needs are up to date by the end of each month. Additionally, they are responsible for working with owners, project managers, and vendors to verify that every invoice is paid on time.

project manager juggling tasks

Secondly, a project manager of a general contractor is responsible planning, executing, and overseeing each project. They are accountable for their team, resources, and budget of the project. The most important aspect is to successfully execute a project, while staying in budget. Without detailed visibility to that budget, it is much more tedious to keep track of. The project manager works closely with the financial controller to make sure all of the accounts payable documents are correctly processed.

Thirdly, the owner of a general contractor is responsible for making major corporate decisions. They manage all of the operations of the organization, are the public face of the company, and acts as the main point of communication to the company’s investors. One of the goals of the owner of a general contractor is to continue to have a profitable business. Should the general contractor, or project manager be over budget on their projects by underestimating the cost of resources, scope changes, or lack of budget accountability, the organization suffers. With inBuild, the budget is easily monitored by all necessary personnel to ensure the project is on budget.

This is only three examples from a long list of people who is inBuild’s target market. There are many key players that can positively benefit from automating the accounts payable process for general contractors, financial controllers, project managers, owners of general contractors, and many more!

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