Out With the Old, in With inBuild

Zack Beveridge
August 2, 2022
best practices

Welcome back, inBuilders! Today we will be explaining the old way of accounts payable (AP) for construction firms. Traditionally when subcontractors or suppliers send their invoices to a general contractor, those invoices are received via email or snail mail. It takes a significant amount of upkeep to track all of the AP documents, insuring none slip through the cracks. These tips and tricks in LEVELSET’s article can help organize the process, but in order to improve by a factor of 10, you need an intelligent virtual assistant- like inBuild!

All those emails coming into your inbox can automatically be captured and routed to the right project manager for sign-off. The data then seamlessly flows into job-cost financials, eliminating the need to continuously enter in the invoices into your accounting software. The power of inBuild’s platform, which automatically catalogs each document, enabling you to not only go paperless, but also removing the need to maintain electronic filing systems. Today, most construction firms pay these AP invoices with a paper check, but we provide a one-click solution to electronically pay. This will then automatically send out lien waivers to ensure any liability is covered.

If you’re manually performing each step from reception through payment, but are interested in learning more about alleviating your work load, click to schedule a demo today!