inBuild Launches on Y Combinator

Zack Beveridge
January 3, 2023

inBuild - Enabling construction teams to automate their financial workflows

We’re revolutionizing the accounts payable process by providing customizable workflows to streamline complex financial needs to eliminate tedious data entry.


inBuild uniquely employs AI to identify all documents from incoming emails, extract key data, route it to the appropriate team members, process payments, and reconcile expenses with the project budgets. Construction teams gain real-time system-wide visibility into the financial health of their projects and company. Documents are automatically cataloged and easily accessible on the go.

Hello, we are Ian and Ty Sharp, brothers from the rocky mountains of Colorado. We were brought together during the pandemic and joined forces to solve one of the most painful problems facing the world's second-largest industry, improving cash flow for construction.

💔 What’s broken: Construction workers aren't getting paid on time

Delayed and incorrect payments to construction companies are severely impacting the $2.7T US construction industry, resulting in delayed projects and unrealistic client expectations.

Our client, Keelty Construction, recognized their process was in serious trouble. Keelty works with over 1,700 subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. It is up to them to keep the funds of money flowing to all stakeholders. One hiccup and everything will screech to a halt.

  • Every month each project manager spent 20+ hours working on admin and billing work.
  • Keelty has 12 project managers.
  • That’s more than 2,800 hours the team spends trying to get organized cost Keelty a quarter of a million dollars each year.

❤️‍🩹 The Fix: Automate and centralize the entire process

Through the Aspen valley grapevine, inBuild was presented as a solution, and the Keelty team was immediately thrilled by its potential to solve their accounts payable issues. Coming from their outdated regimen, inBuild offered an automated solution to digitize their paper workflow while integrating into Keelty’s existing applications.

  • Integrated with current applications: Sage, Quickbooks & Procore
  • Reduced 95% of manual data entry
  • Increased workflow and efficiency 10x for all members
The integration was nearly seamless: the fact that it works with our other software was a huge add. The improvements seen from the team have been all-encompassing.

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