Working Behind the Scenes

Zack Beveridge
January 5, 2022

When someone tells you they work in construction, what do you think their role is? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps, project manager or builders that are onsite? Before I began working in the construction industry, this is what I thought as well! The people with their hard hats on and boots on the ground.

construction worker on site

Now, what about those working behind the scenes? Those with monumental, day-to-day tasks to track all incoming and outgoing invoices? Those who ensure the project can run both on time and on budget? That would be bookkeepers! Sounds stressful, right? Bookkeepers process hundreds of invoices on a month-by-month basis. Construction finances are complex, time consuming, and can leave a lot of room for error. Existing software’s require manual data entry during each phase of the invoice’s lifecycle, creating more time spent and additional work for bookkeepers. This prompted our founders, Ty and Ian, to wonder a couple different things.

  1. Why? The additional work and time spent performing mundane data entry tasks will drive up the accounting overhead.
  2. How can we simplify this process?

This is why we at Sharp Capital, developed inBuild. Our mission is to streamline the invoicing process by using machine learning and data capturing technology to create invoice automation! Utilizing artificial intelligence, inBuild can perform any bookkeeping and accounting needs while cutting down both time and cost by 92%.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you inBuild! We will be posting on a weekly basis to keep you updated on our product, our clients, and our culture.