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Jake Walsh and family of JT Builders

My construction company was spending a minimum of 16 hours a month on managing our project's finances... That is until we fully integrated inBuild AI into our systems. We have cut that time burden to less than 4 hours a month with no inaccuracies! The AI component is absolutely incredible at saving us time and potential errors. Try inBuild! Do it... seriously do it!

Jake Walsh, JT Builders

You often hear 'under promise and over deliver'. I don't believe that is the business model of inBuild, but they continually over deliver. When was the last time you heard 'we don't currently offer that, but are working on it and should have that live soon' or 'we like that idea, mind if we incorporate that?' When was the last time you got excited about computer software for accounting? Both of these happen regularly thanks to inBuild!

Joey Zikor, Finbro Construction